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The Benefits of Commercial Solar

We are 100% committed to helping businesses transition to clean, renewable energy while increasing asset value and taking advantage of Federal Tax Incentives. Discover the benefits of going solar.

Boost Your Net Income

Slash operational expenses and decrease monthly bills through affordable solar energy solutions.

Gain Consumer Approval

Join us now to promote your business as a proactive advocate for sustainability, making a significant impact on the planet's well-being.

Avoid Utility Cost Inflation

Empower your business by managing your utility costs and mitigating the impact of increasing rates.

Experience Matters

Designing engineering solutions for commercial solar and renewable energy projects demands extensive real-world experience, encompassing diverse engineering disciplines. This hands-on knowledge is crucial in creating highly efficient and functional systems.

Commercial Solar Sacramento CA

Know Your Options

Expert Energy Evaluations

At Safe Haven Solar, we conduct a thorough assessment of your current energy consumption, forecast future energy expenses, and recommend alternative energy solutions. Our aim is to reduce your operational costs, making your business more competitive and ultimately more profitable than your competitors. Moreover, we provide pre-engineering consultations for significant solar systems, ensuring a smooth performance, optimal functionality, and hassle-free installation process by addressing any potential impediments beforehand.

We Handle It All

Engineering, Design, Permitting & Installation

At the core of our engineering philosophy lies a lean and agile mindset, enabling us to tackle intricate challenges efficiently while prioritizing superior design performance. With this approach, we aim to deliver innovative solutions tailored to your specific needs. As part of our comprehensive service, we take charge of securing all necessary permits and scheduling required inspections to ensure a seamless process. Additionally we provide dedicated project management¬†services, working closely with your business, organization, or government entity to develop a customized “solar roadmap.”

Santa Rosa CA Commercial Solar Installers
Commercial Solar Panels Santa Rosa CA

Protect Your Investment

Operations & Maintenance

At Safe Haven Solar, our service and repair technicians adhere strictly to state and local regulations concerning licenses, insurance, and bonding. With years of hands-on experience and a deep understanding of solar technology and equipment, our team guarantees a consistent and top-notch level of service and workmanship.

We Help Businesses Go Green

Federal Incentives for Businesses

At Safe Haven Solar, we are dedicated to making your transition to solar energy not only environmentally conscious but also financially rewarding. Our team will guide and support your organization in securing deferred tax credits, rebates, and initial cost incentives, thereby reducing the upfront investment and enhancing the overall return on investment (ROI) of your solar project.

Furthermore, we take pride in assisting you in obtaining LEED Certification from the United States Green Building Council. This prestigious certification highlights your commitment to energy-conscious practices and sustainability. With LEED Certification, your organization gains the opportunity to promote itself as an environmentally responsible entity, further enhancing your reputation and attracting eco-conscious customers

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Brian Ostrout
Brian Ostrout
5 out of 5 stars
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Always on time very Punctual fast installs family friendly took care of us our home like it was there own

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