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Solar power systems are exceptional, diligently harnessing sunlight throughout the day to generate clean, essentially cost-free energy for your home. However, what happens when the sun sets or the power grid experiences a disruption? That’s when you need a reliable back up!

Enter solar backup batteries, the cornerstone of energy security!

These battery backups efficiently store the surplus energy produced by your solar system, making it accessible at all times. Solar batteries offer seamless, continuous protection against power interruptions, giving homeowners an invaluable sense of reassurance. Furthermore, the stored energy can be strategically deployed during peak energy consumption periods, contributing to reductions in your energy expenses. You’ll also gain the convenience of remotely monitoring your system via a mobile app, allowing you to oversee your energy usage and manage critical home systems and appliances that you’d like to remain operational during an outage.

In a grid-tied solar setup, you still maintain your connection to the power grid, but the incorporation of a battery substantially diminishes your dependence on traditional utility sources and fossil fuels. Once your battery reaches full capacity, any excess energy is seamlessly fed back into the grid, permitting you to benefit from the concept of “net metering” and receive credits for the surplus energy you contribute back to the utility provider.

Naturally, the effectiveness of your battery hinges on its capacity. Thankfully Safe Haven Solar offers solar batteries in an array of capacities, extending up to 10 kWh, with the added flexibility to incorporate extra units for expanded capacity as needed.

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