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Certified Solar Installers in Hoopa
Certified Solar Installers in Hoopa
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Hoopa CA Solar Power Company

Hoopa homeowners can maximize their energy savings with a solar panel installation from Safe Haven Solar. Our team of licensed California solar advisors will use your home’s size, roof type, and power usage to customize an affordable solar quote & design for you!

Going green with Hoopa solar not only benefits the environment by reducing carbon emissions, but also provides a significant cost savings over time when compared with traditional power sources.

Harness The Sun's Energy

Put Solar Energy To Work On Your Hoopa Home

Homes in Hoopa CA have high solar absorption rates and make ideal candidates for a solar panel system. If you choose to have a grid tied system installed you’ll receive a credit for the excess energy you produce, effectively reducing or eliminating your utility bill.

How Solar Works:

  1. Sunlight strikes the cells of a solar panel causing electrons to flow & creating an electrical current.
  2. This energy is channeled into an inverter where it is converted from DC to AC power in order to provide energy to your home.
  3. If your area qualifies for net metering, you will be credited for excess energy generated.
  4. You can then use those credits later during hours of low sunlight.
Solar Panels Hoopa CA

Your Solar, Your Way

Know Your Solar Options

There are the three primary types of solar systems:

Grid-Tied Solar System

Grid-tied solar systems allow homeowners to get all the benefits of solar including net metering, but when there isn't enough sunlight - such as at night time or inclement weather - you still get electricity through a grid connection. When it gets sunny outside and you produce more than your system needs, that extra energy goes back onto the grid so you can use it later!

Grid-Tied With Battery Back-Up

The best of both worlds! Solar panels are installed on your roof and generate the primary power source for your home, storing any extra created in solar batteries for later use. If there's no sun shining, you draw electricity from your battery back-up before pulling from the grid. Excess power generated can still be pushed back onto the grid for net metering benefits.

Stand Alone (Off-Grid) Solar

The clean energy sustainability dream - being totally off-grid and self sufficient! This is a realistic option for those looking for complete energy independence. Solar panels with battery backup provide all of your power needs when they're installed at your off-grid home, delivering clean renewable electricity day and night without any emissions whatsoever!
Note: We currently do not offer Off-Grid solar installations.

Solar Power Systems in California

Avoid Power Outages with Solar Battery Storage

Enjoy Energy Independence

Solar energy is great, creating clean, “free” energy to power your home. But when the sun sets or the power grid fails, you need a backup to ensure your home’s critical systems and appliances keep running! Solar batteries can store the excess power your solar panels generate and provide “around the clock” protection from power outages. In addition, you’ll have greater freedom to make and store your own energy, and reduce your energy cost by “selling” excess power back to the utility company. Stored energy can even be used during peak hours to reduce energy bills. Solar batteries are available in a variety of capacities of up to 10 kWh and additional units can be added for additional capacity.

Get All of the Available Solar Rebates & Credits In Hoopa

Maximize Your Solar Savings

Available to California Homeowners Through 2032

Federal ITC Solar Tax Credit

Hoopa CA homeowners are eligible to qualify for a 30% tax credit through 2032. Starting in 2033, the tax credit will reduce to 26%, then 22% in 2034, before ending completely in 2035.

Bare in mind that tax credits work differently than a tax deduction. Tax credits are direct refunds you’ll receive on your federal taxes for the qualified amount. For example, if you pay $20,000 for a 6kW solar system during the current tax year, you’ll be credited $6,000 on that year’s tax returns, bringing the true cost of your solar installation down to $14,000.

Solar Tax Credit Hoopa CA
Solar Financing Hoopa CA

$0 Down Solar

No Upfront Costs

Safe Haven Solar offers several different financing options to cover your new solar power system, all requiring $0 down and are easy to qualify for. The most popular option is a home solar loan or a home equity loan – which will still let you take advantage of the Federal tax credit that comes with getting solar panels installed on your house in Hoopa.

Home Solar Creates Value

Immediate Increase in Home Value

Homeowners in Hoopa can expect a relatively quick ROI from a solar panel installation by immediately reducing or eliminating your energy costs plus adding value to your home. Even if you have a loan, the payment plan on a solar installation will typically be less than what you were paying for your monthly electricity bill. On average, the added value to homes in terms of price per square foot increased 4.1%, according to Zillow!

Solar Benefits in Hoopa
Solar Net Metering Hoopa CA

Source: EnergySage

Net Metering works for You

Let Your Meter Start Running Backwards

The real savings with solar panels kick in once you start sending excess energy back to the grid and receiving credits through net metering. A typical Hoopa home with solar panels will produce more power than it needs during peak hours. This means when you use less electricity from your electric meter as well – causing your bill and meter to run backwards!

Eliminate the Hassle

Solar Permitting & Inspections in Hoopa

Hoopa is a great place for homeowners looking to convert to a solar panel system, but like always, permitting and inspections can be a hassle. Fortunately, Safe Haven Solar’s partners will take care of this part of the process for you, as well as handling engineering and installation to make your experience as easy as possible.

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